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I’m not sure what Nails will be best for me?

We offer a variety of nail treatments and we tailor them to your individual needs. We also offer complimentary advice if you’d like to book a consultation in person, over the phone or via FaceTime/What’s App/Skype.

I am a nail biter, can you help?

Absolutely yes! We love challenge and therefore we have created a unique‘Nail Biter’ program which has been proven over the last seven years. We have helped ladies, who’s nails had been beaten off completely and now they enjoy beautiful nails.

I have a little piece of nail remaining after the injury/surgery, is there anything you can do?

Yes! We can reconstruct the entire nail/ toe as long as the remaining of it is healthy. We have variety of camouflage coloured gels designed to reconstruct and mimic the nail bed colour. Are offer for this service to both men and woman, it’s increasingly popular in summer when people’s toes are on show during holidays.

What is vitamin gel polish?

Vitamin gel polish is a soft/soak off gel system that allows us to create beautiful nails that will last you up to four weeks. Primer and base coat are packed with antioxidants, vitamins A and E to help promote healthy nails, and pro-vitamin B5 to protect the structure of the natural nail. Great solution for clients who want to enjoy chip free, high shine colour for 3-4 weeks, clients having break from acrylics, hard gels or who’s nails require supported recovery. Doesn’t give an extra length.

What is hardi gel polish?

This fabulous product which is a hybrid between gel polish and hard gel had been our clients 1st choice since we have introduced it in 2018. What’s special about it? It’s stronger than classic gel polish, don’t chip and can extend your nails up to 2 millimetres. If you’ve been wearing acrylics or hard gels for years and your nails are relatively short (free edge up to 3mm), this product might be all you need. This is also a great choice for ‘hands on’ clients who require their gel polish system to be a bit stronger to avoid chipping.

Do you offer acrylics?

We have stopped offering acrylics 8 years ago, finding that odourless treatments are more relaxing (and healthier) for our clients. All of our clients have converted to modern hard gel systems. Hard gel nails are as strong as acrylics with more flexibility, meaning less potential breakage/snapping off and less injury to natural nail.

What are hard gels?

If you require an extra length, or/and if you like your nails to be the strongest possible, this system is for you. Most of times we will extend your nails sculpting them on forms, but sometimes we use tips if we need to train your nails to grow correct way. Had gel will last you for months however we encourage 4 weeks infills, and 5 weeks is the border line to keep your natural nails safe.

What is the difference between correction and infill?

Both terms relate to hard gel nails. Sometimes clients wants to see us every three weeks because they don’t like to see the gap from the cuticle when wearing full colour. Very often hard gel beneath the colour (or french) is still intact therefore there isn’t a need to remove it. Instead we remove the colour and balance the nail by filing it, tidy up the cuticle area and apply the new colour. This is called correction. Please note we CAN NOT perform correction after four weeks because you will see the ‘step’ on your nails as they had grown out to far. If your nails are four weeks old you will need infills, meaning we need to spend a bit longer filing the old product off and adding more hard gel to balance your nails out.

How do I remove my nails?

We strongly recommend booking an appointment to have your gel polish or hard gel removed professionally. The most damage that can occur to our your nail beds is during peeling the product off. Please avoid it under any circumstances.

I would like to get my brows tinted but they always look to dark for few days.

Please be assured that we have a unique technique of applying the tint so even if you would like ‘barely there’ brow look, we can achieve that. Patch test required.

I would like to get my lashes done but I’m scared it will look too fake.

We offer a variety of lash treatments and we tailor them to your individual needs. We also offer complimentary advice if you’d like to book a consultation in person, over the phone or via FaceTime/What’s App/Skype

I want my lashes to look as natural as possible what shall I book?

If you want a subtle definition in your lash area you can choose lashlift which will add the colour and curl your lashes for up to 8 weeks. You can also choose very natural 1-2-1 eyelash extensions. Patch test required for both.

I want my eyelashes to look as full as possible.

Yes! We can create a mega volume using Russian lashes technique. If you love your Lashes being full all the time, we offer lash top ups rather than infills fortnightly. This will give you perfectly looking lashes at all times as well as appointment times are shorter.

I’d like to book a face treatment but not sure which one to choose.

We offer a variety of face treatments and we tailor them to your individual needs. We also offer complimentary advice if you’d like to book a consultation in person, over the phone or via FaceTime/What’s App/Skype.

What facials do you offer?

We offer three different types of face treatment: - Relaxing Algae facial - Diamond Microdermabrasion facial - MESO ME Digital skin Needling facial

What is Diamond microdermabrasion and is it good for my skin?

Diamond microdermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight the effects of aging or/and improve texture and tone of the skin. It is a modern and effective exfoliating method, which uses a diamond-tipped wand to gently remove dead skin cells. This non-invasive treatment is especially safe and gentle. It targets fine lines, acne scars and uneven skin tone. Additionally, this treatment helps increase blood flow and collagen production and helps reduce: * Oily, congested skin * Black Heads * White Heads * Ingrown Hairs * Sun damage * Enlarged Pores * Blemishes *consultation can be carried out on the day of procedure

What is relaxing Algae face treatment?

Our signature Algae facial is purely relaxing yet very effective face treatment suitable for all skin types. Following a gentle cleansing and enzymatic exfoliation, an algae mask known for its remineralising and revitalising properties, is then applied to the skin. This treatment is exceptional for acne, eczema, and psoriasis Benefits of Algae facial: -optical wrinkle reduction -improved skin tension and smoothness -fast and effective hydration level improvement -intensive nutrition improves general skin condition -fights free radicals to prolong skin youth – regenerates and nourishes the skin – provides optimal moisture level – lifts and firms the skin Active Ingredients: POWDERED DIAMOND – firms the skin and provides an instant lifting effect. Vitamin E – protects the cells against the destructive action of free radical, reduces the creation of age spots Vitamin C – increases the synthesis of collagen in the skin, supports the creation of hyaluronic acid, provides long-term moisturizing process Vitamin PP Vitamin B6 Alginat (brown alga extract)- rich source of proteins, micro- and macroelements, and vitamins, stimulates cell renewal and slows skin aging processes. ALGINATE (100% brown algae extract) – reinforces, provides intensive hydration and nutrition, stimulates cellular metabolism, reduces red marks and irritations by means of easily assimilated ingredients:
MACROELEMENTS: potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and silicon salts, MICROELEMENTS (iodine, manganese, zinc, iron and selenium salts) contained in vitamins, enzymes, co-enzymes; acting as bioregulators of natural processes in the skin

What is MESO ME Digital skin needling?

Meso ME is a gentle skin needling concept suitable for most skin types and for clients who want minimal trauma and down time without the use of numbing creams. The cell boosting products penetrate right into the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis improving overall skin texture whilst boosting collagen production, removing fine wrinkles, rejuvenating skin, improving tone & texture, relaxing small scarring and promoting skin natural renewal. Daily skincare products can only be absorbed by the surface of the skin, while MESO ME penetrates far deeper than your usual skincare routine. Meso causes micro-trauma to the surface of the skin which causes the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself which promotes natural collagen and elastin production in the skin. MESO ME is similar, yet less invasive than dermal rolling. The contoured needle head means that we can be more specific in the treatment and work in more delicate areas. The needle head is plastic as opposite to metal and consist of 18 needles and 13 small holes which gently perforate the skin at a depth of 0.2-0.3mm to allow the hyaluronic based active ingredients to penetrate the skin. Derma rolling requires numbing cream which can prevent absorption of products, but as this treatment is less invasive and painless, the products can be more readily absorbed. Post treatment redness dissipates within 1-2 hours.

What are the benefits of MESO ME treatment and how it is performed?

MESO ME facial consist of a cleanse, exfoliation, meso treatment and facial massage. This can be booked as a one off treatment, however a course is recommended for more permanent results. After the Initial Treatment a course of six 30 minute treatments can be booked. The areas that can be treated by MESO ME are: face, neck, decollete and back of the hand. Benefits: * Instantly boosts and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance * Stimulates natural collagen production * Non-invasive * No pain and minimal discomfort * Minimal downtime * Can be used alongside your normal skincare routine * Meso visually improves and targets: * Fine Lines and Wrinkles * Dehydrated Skin * Dull and Tired Skin * Skin Tone and Texture * Appearance of small scars * Acne *This treatment requires consultation either in person, over the phone or Face Time/Skype * You must be over 18 * You cannot have the treatment whilst you are pregnant or breast feeding * You cannot have this treatment if you are taking Roaccutane or a similar product and you must wait at least 6 months before having your first MESO ME * This treatment is not recommended for clients with thin skin, multiple broken capillaries or those on blood thinning medication * To see the full benefits a course is recommended * It is recommended not to wear make-up for the rest of the day * You should avoid sunbeds and direct sunlight for the first 48 hours * It is recommended to wear an SPF of at least 30 for the rest of the day * You must wait 2 weeks after having Botox before starting Meso ME and 3 weeks for fillers

Is there anywhere to park?

We don't have our own car park, but there are a few options close by:​ North Street - PE9 1EG (1st closest, 110 spaces) Meadows - PE9 2WE (2nd closest, 100+ spaces) Cattle Market - PE9 2WB (5/10 min walk, 310 spaces)

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